Pet Dental Care is a routine procedure for dogs and cats. A pre-operative blood examination is always included in our dental cleaning packages. Sometimes though, dental extractions are required due to special periodontal conditions in the oral cavity of pets, and affected teeth should be removed. Rodents and rabbits are also typical dental patients who need proper dental workups (e.g. Teeth trimming, Teeth extractions, and abscess management).

However, to fully understand dental care’s importance, let us first find out what dental disease is.

What is Dental Disease in pet dental care?

Pet dental care -Dental disease or periodontal disease is an inflammation of the teeth and gums caused by plaque build-up. Plaque is made up of food particles, saliva, and some bacteria which stick to the tooth surface and, if not removed, will calcify into tartar. Around 80% of cats and dogs over the age of three are suffering from periodontal disease.

What are the Signs of Dental Disease in pet dental care 

  • Bad Breath
  • Loose and Discolored Teeth (brown or yellow)
  • Excessive Drooling or Dropping food from the mouth
  • Blood-stained, Inflamed, and Receding Gums
  • Reluctance to chew or Appetite Loss
  • Pet is not comfortable being touched in the neck and mouth area
  • Swelling of the face
  • Being Lethargic and increased Aggression (behavioral changes)

Veterinary Dental & Teeth Cleaning and Polishing

We perform different pet dental procedures, like scaling, polishing, and tooth extraction. The most commonly used techniques are teeth cleaning and polishing, which involves cleaning off the tartar and washing the teeth. Proper probing is also done to ensure that there are no cavities.

Below is how we do the perfect pet Dental care & Polish for your Pets

Part of animal dental care and services is giving anesthesia to the pet as it is impossible to perform any procedure if the pet is awake. The anesthesia is administered after checking the blood works to determine the correct amount of anesthetics can be determined.

we use ultrasonic scalers for teeth cleaning and polishing. The scalers help get the tartar off the teeth without damaging the enamel. It works pretty rapidly; hence, the animal doesn’t need to be under anesthesia for quite an extended period.

The scaler works for gums, too, and prevents any damage to them. A thin probe is then used to check the gum lines, and in cases where there is a presence of slight tartar, the scaler helps to remove it and ensures that the scaling is perfectly completed. After the tartar cleaning, the teeth are washed with an oral cleansing solution, and the polishing is done. Polish helps keep bacteria off.

Pet Dental Care – Why is it Important?

Oral health is significant, and for pets, it can also be hereditary. Therefore, consulting dental vets in Nairobi can prevent any serious illnesses. Oral health depends on the tooth hygiene of the pet. Any pet can suffer from oral health ailments; it can be a heavy chewer like dogs or pets like cats and rabbits who may suffer from slow tooth decay. Whatever the case, it is highly advisable to visit pet dental care near you.

Pet dental care is one of the most vital wellness checks you can do for your pet. Dental diseases, if gone undiagnosed, can become the key reason for discomfort in pets. Unfortunately, cats and dogs are among the most affected by dental illnesses.

Timely veterinary dental intervention can help relieve the pet and make it easy for the pet owner. However, during the early stages of dental disease, pets tend to be uneasy and do not show any specific signs of a need for veterinary dental care.

What should I do if I suspect my pet has dental disease?

If you’re worried your pet may be developing dental disease, take them to Ducknet Veterinary Clinic for a proper diagnosis and treatment because it is always best to get a professional opinion.

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